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T.J. Reed is a Master Hair Stylist, Color Specialist and Licensed Instructor, who enjoys mentoring, motivating and empowering stylists at all levels. His goal is to help all to hone their skills and reach the next level, ultimately reaping the financial rewards that awaits them. He enjoys educating through motivational demonstration, of both proven, and creative techniques, all within the scope of the classroom, workplace, and being behind the chair.

T.J.’s career in the hair industry has spanned over sixteen years. His work has been published through several national hair magazines, as well as local media print.

T.J. graduated in 2005 from Mid-East Career and Technical Center - Cosmetology Program. Where he later, was honored to serve as a Cosmetology Board Member.

He believes and shares with students that the Hair Industry is a continually growing, and ever-changing force, a massive machine of knowledge. T.J. urges, “In order to excel in this business, one must acknowledge that the fundamental key to success is the personal commitment to continued education in order to continue to grow effectively and professionally in one’s own craft.”

T.J. will be a memorable inspiration to your students and is excited to visit your campus! Welcome Pretty In a Minute's Educator & Platform Artist, Mr. T.J. Reed!