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Robert Tucker

Robert Tucker is an internationally accredited master stylist with training from the Sassoon Academy in London, England. Robert began his hair journey in 2012 when he realized that as an artist, he could directly impact people’s lives if the canvas for his art was hair.

After completing hair school in Midland, TX and working for a chain salon for several months, Robert left for London England where he graduated from the Sassoon post graduate course (a six-month advanced hair boot camp)

From there, he went back to London, once for the master’s hair program, and the final time for the Sassoon international master’s course. From there, Robert did everything from working in salons, assisting on fashion week, working bridal expositions, and still creating art wherever he went.

Now Robert T. Owns a small member only hair club called “underground hair”. Robert says, “I’m simply an artist, it just so happens that hair is my medium”.