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Mr Mack

Mr Mack is a hair stylist, educator, and father who attended the Salon Institute in Columbus Ohio for their Advanced Cosmetology program. Educating and learning alongside his peers is what has driven him to Pretty in a minute.

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Mack enlisted in the US Marine Corps as soon as he graduated high school. After multiple combat deployments overseas, he and his new and growing family moved to Daytona Beach Florida to start the next chapter.

In Daytona, Mack went to school to become a motorcycle mechanic, later attended trade school in the construction industry, then became a firearms instructor, and even became a semi-truck driver. Education and learning new things had always been a driving force.

His daughter’s collective request for him to do their hair, paint their nails, and much more has led him into the beauty world where he is now here to stay. Being able to share his experiences with others is a prime motivation for showing up ready to go every day.

Here to impart knowledge and help remind people sometimes it is best to just slow down to speed up. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”